Monday, May 1, 2017

BAHUBALI - The Conclusion REVIEW

If you want to know what actually is cinematography, story telling what is picturisation, what is proper direction and most importantly what is proper execution then Bahubali 2 is something that you need to watch out, right now! The way story has build up is something i have not seen in past decade. Am I exaggerating? No, not at all, you need to go watch it and then realize every word that I wrote here is true.

The story could have fallen apart if there was no proper direction and execution. But each character just molded themselves in a such beautiful way that it all just seemed to be real. Not one moment where you would feel that the scene was unwanted or has been just filmed to fill in the gap. Each dialogue were powerful, and each character had a role to play. Not even one character in the movie was baseless.

There were moments where people stood up including myself - and clapped for the perfect experience, the clapping was more of the experience that we all could get by watching such amazing deliver by amazing actors under amazing direction! There were scenes that gave goose bumps - not once but certain times! The audience was bahubalied when came out of the theater! I will watch it again, and you need to watch it too if you love watching good cinema and pay tribute to amazing cinema by watching it in theater and paying them regards that they deserve in terms of box office collection!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Was it too much to ask for?

Was it too much to ask for? From the time she was a small kid, she had dreams of fairy tale. Dreams that doesn't take much to fulfill. She wanted a good life. She wanted education that could help her become independent, she wanted a job where she can be herself, she wanted the best for her family. Her dreams were to travel the world and make memories that she can cherish when she is about to leave this world.
Out of all her dreams, the smallest was that she wanted a person who can love her more than anything else. She wanted someone who can fight with the world for her and with her. She wanted someone who would get hurt if she is hurt, and who wouldn't want to live life if she is dead. She wanted that love where the better half makes her feel complete. She wanted that love where the person feels pain if she wasn't in her life anymore like she would feel if that person is not there in her life. Was it too much to ask for?
She wanted a fairy tale destination wedding near the beaches with the person whom she loves the most, and she wanted to capture the perfect moments with beautiful memories, She dreamed of having wadali brothers and flute played in her wedding and she wanted her favorite food and the best mehendi dance ever! She wanted her favorite designers lehenga in floral print and pastel color with pink flowers on it with the net shimmery dupatta. Was it too much to ask for?

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